What is the ORHS?

Oakland Regional Historic Sites (ORHS) is a collaboration among the historical agencies of the greater Rochester, Michigan area, sponsored and led by the Rochester Avon Historical Society. The database is designed to provide a one-stop resource for anyone interested in exploring our community's historic sites, thereby encouraging local history education and research, appreciation and support of our resources, heritage tourism and pride of place.

Understanding that a community's greater identity can cross municipal boundaries and encompass more than one county, city, village or township, the designers of this resource have intentionally created it with a regional scope. Although our site has begun with the listing of historic sites in the greater Rochester area, we hope that neighboring communities will join our effort and make this a truly regional resource.

"The past is not the property of historians; it is a public possession. It belongs to anyone who is aware of it, and it grows by being shared. It sustains the whole society, which always needs the identity that only the past can give."
--Dr. Walter Havighurst

HSM State History Award for Outstanding Historical Website
Compiling a comprehensive list of historic sites from the following communities:
oakland county
macomb county
wayne county
rochester hills
oakland township
lake orion
orion township
bloomfield hills
mount clemens